12 years working as a family

Twelve years ago, when Forum and Jinal started this journey, they knew that Mismo would contribute to connecting remote teams between the talented Latin American engineers and the most promising U.S. tech startups. Through these years the company has grown in a steady way, giving a sense of stability to clients and employees. But, overall, Mismo has grown as a big family, a community and a reliable professional network. 

“I have always felt part of a strong community, where we not only share our passion for IT, also our hobbies and other interests. If you need help at MISMO, you will always find a friendly hand to give you support, that’s what families do.” Fabian Chacón, Engineering Lead.

At Mismo, we promote the cooperation, communication and development of our team members. One of the most important pillars of the company is to value each one of our employees personally and professionally. To prove that, we asked our most tenure workers what they think and feel about Mismo. Friendship, supportiveness, motivation and cutting edge were the top 4 words recognized by them to describe Mismo’s culture.

The professional growth of our members is a top priority for our company. We want our employees to be engaged with new technologies and learn from the best Engineers. That’s why we offer a benefit to study with our Tuition Reimbursement program to keep updated. Marvin Koschny, who has been with the company for five years, knows it best: 

“Thanks to Mismo I can say that I currently have a very rich resume that gives me security, confidence and fullness as a professional.Always with the open possibility to keep learning and getting new experiences.”  Marvin Koschny, Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead.

But not only do we promote the learning of new technologies, we also love to see our Engineers grow to higher positions such as managerial ones. We teach them hard and soft skills in order to see them succeed.

“Mismo helped me discover leadership skills and the direction in which I want to focus my career”. Eduny Abarca, Engineering Lead.

In conclusion, we may say that we are all working hard towards the same goals. Firstly, to be part of the rise and success of our current and future clients, by building exceptional remote teams. Secondly, to continue contributing to the professional development of our workforce by giving them the opportunities and tools to grow. And finally, to continue taking care of the wellbeing of our team. The interaction of these three main pillars continue to make Mismo a better family and a great place to work at. 

12 years flew by and we are already seeing our footprint in everything that we do, but we still have a long way to run, especially in this competitive and disruptive market. That’s why our CTO and our most tenured employee, Diego Gamboa, expresses that it is one of Mismo’s goals to exhibit our talent to the world and to empower our employees to help them achieve their professional and personal targets. 

“We have a great advantage here, we are working with the unicorns of Silicon Valley! Learning from the best engineers and start ups in the world and being in touch with top technologies, is something unique and distinctive of Mismo.”  Diego Gamboa, CTO.

Since we have people from all around LATAM, our culture is surrounded by diversity, inclusion and love. We are thankful for the wonderful team and amazing clients who have become part of ourselves. We will continue to work harder and turn eagerly to the years that lie ahead.

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