Case Study: NFX

Innovation is key to generating opportunities and creating new ventures of true significance for our economy. However, founders face many obstacles when they are creating something completely new. One of the most common challenges for new startups is securing funding. Enter: NFX, a venture capital firm in San Francisco who aims to partner with the next generation of founders to build companies of true significance. In 2019, NFX partnered with Mismo to help deliver on NFX’s commitment to help not only the founders they fund but the whole startup ecosystem.

About NFX

NFX views venture capital through a holistic lens, building fundraising software to help innovative founders secure capital. NFX’s fundraising products not only help the companies they work with directly, but the entire startup ecosystem. 

Mismo’s NFX team includes three engineers who work as integrated members of the NFX team. Developers on the team assist with both frontend and backend development while working remotely from Latin America.

Diverse Partnerships Focused on Technology

It was important to NFX to have a diverse team of developers — with a special focus on hiring and empowering female  developers. Luckily, Mismo’s diverse pool of Latin America-based developers and software engineers was able to deliver. Mismo’s NFX team includes three developers, two women and one man.

To help the Mismo team merge seamlessly into the NFX team, the developers focused on specific projects while growing their knowledge of NFX’s brand, tech stack and software development needs. It’s important to Mismo to ensure a good fit between its engineers and developers and the companies they work with, so phased integrations can bring benefits to both teams.

The Mismo and NFX teams were able to start checking in code on day 1 and were fully integrated within a month of the first point of contact. The team has since expanded in size and responsibilities. Mismo’s NFX team helps lead projects while working alongside NFX designers and product managers to ensure the best outcomes possible. 

Beyond the benefit of how quickly the Mismo engineers were able to start producing, the NFX team noted that the Mismo team’s mentality is closely aligned with NFX’s startup mentality. The culture of Mismo is very much in line with the startup culture in America. Fast paced and results oriented with a sense of ownership, the engineers were a perfect match for NFX’s goals and values.


Mismo’s NFX team and the NFX product team maintain close communication through daily huddles via Slack, Tandem, and regular Zoom meetings. Being fully integrated in NFX’s development process means that both teams can work toward the same goals. There is a constant flow of information and discussion because the Mismo and NFX teams are truly united. This level of integration is what makes Mismo different, what makes Mismo’s people your people and what makes all the difference for success.

And one of the best parts for NFX? Sourcing software development and engineering through Mismo allowed them to save time and money. Mismo handles all hiring, contracting and HR needs for less cost than an average San Francisco-based software engineer. Mismo is designed to provide companies with world-class developers without the hiring hassle.

Since beginning its partnership with Mismo, NFX has launched three new products on time and on budget. The team’s note how much they love working with each other, and the Mismo team has introduced new pieces of culture to the NFX team.

With Mismo, as is the case with NFX, we don’t just do a project and move on. We are in it for the long haul with our partners. We accomplish broad organizational goals by truly integrating with your team. We grow with you, we understand your needs, and we continue to tackle new challenges and make improvements that benefit your company’s goals.

Mismo is your long term solution to development.


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