Case Study: Revinate – Development of a Hotel Guest Platform

In 2015, Revinate partnered with Mismo to recruit, onboard and nurture a Latina America-based team of software developers that could meet Revinate’s needs. Revinate’s Mismo team continues to develop and improve on a state of the art hotel guest platform for hoteliers that includes CRM and reputation management modules. The platform allows hoteliers to gain deeper insights into their guests, market to them at optimal times, get real feedback, track their online reputation, and build robust and meaningful reporting.

“With Mismo, we have been able to quickly scale our engineering teams with highly skilled developers that know how to deliver products,” said Jason Standiford, CTO for Revinate. “We can make product updates faster and more cost-effectively with our team in Latin America. They really are an extension of Revinate and a long-term part of our product road map.”


About Revinate

Revinate is headquartered in San Francisco, with additional locations in Amsterdam and Singapore. The company chose Mismo because it is a full-service platform with expertise in recruiting, onboarding and nurturing engineering talent in the Latin American market. Mismo’s founders and teams have a deep understanding of the challenges tech companies face, and what it takes to succeed in the Bay Area startup scene and global markets everywhere.

Revinate’s biggest challenge before working with Mismo was speed to market. The company had a solid product road map and could see market opportunities that fit with its core capabilities and wanted to expand its product suite at a much faster pace to take advantage of those opportunities. With a need for developers in a convenient time zone to speed up the product road map, the Revinate team interviewed candidates and quickly hired three Mismo team members. The onboarding process was fast, with the Mismo team fully up to speed on Revinate’s platform, tech stack and development cycles in less than 6 weeks.

Technology and Capabilities

Mismo had the talent pool to meet Revinate’s needs. As with all clients, Mismo handled recruiting, hiring and onboarding — arranging all interviews and coordinating the hiring and onboarding processes. Coordinating in-person travel as needed is also a specialty of Mismo’s and helped kickstart Revinate’s team so they could start producing fast.

At first, Revinate’s Mismo team was tasked with expanding and improving their reputation management module and building a tool that helps hoteliers compare their hotel ratings to other, similar hotel’s ratings across multiple sites. Improvements were made quickly, adding efficient features for complex surveys, in-depth reporting and flexible solutions to enable hoteliers to better understand their customers.

With the product road map for the reputation management module back on track, Revinate and its Mismo team shifted its focus to expand the CRM module. The teams improved segmentation capabilities, generated robust customer insights and targeting features.

Today, Revinate and Mismo’s focus has expanded to further improve the architecture of the platform. Modernizing the tech stack to achieve better security, improved scalability and sustainability to reach the goals of the organization. Revinate’s Mismo team is enhancing the platform while improving the underlying architecture and the process of development.

Originally, Revinate’s platform was originally built on PHP & JQuery. The Mismo team is migrating the platform to React, Java and Apache Kafka, breaking the monolith into microservices. Using microservice architecture allows companies to improve fault isolation on their platforms, have a better understanding of their platforms, deploy new features more efficiently and develop greater platform scalability.


Revinate’s business goals are what drives its Mismo team. The teams grow together, improve each other and continue to accomplish goals as one cohesive unit.

Revinate’s Mismo team meets with Revinate’s product owner, director of engineering, team leads and development team every week — sometimes multiple times a week. These meetings keep everyone on the same page and ensure accountability. Revinate’s Mismo team has gone to San Francisco several times to meet team members in person, and developers and leads from Revinate have gone to Costa Rica to work with the Mismo team directly for periods of time. They know each other, and they trust each other.

Being fully integrated with Revinate’s development process means that both teams can work toward the same goals. This level of integration is what makes Mismo different, what makes Mismo’s people your people, and what makes all the difference for success.

With Mismo, as is the case with Revinate, we don’t just do a project and move on. We are a unique platform, conducive to long term partnerships, growing with our clients and adapting along the way. Mismo helps companies recruit, onboard and grow remote software engineering teams that are based in the Latin America market quickly and easily. Mismo and its partners accomplish broad organizational goals by truly integrating to become a cohesive team. Mismo grows with you, we understand your needs, and we continue to tackle new challenges and make improvements that benefit your company’s goals.

Mismo is your long term solution for hiring and growing your remote development team.


Fully Integrated Team Members, Building Connections Every Day

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