Closing the Gender Gap for Entrepreneurs in STEM: Challenges and Opportunities

Entrepreneurship has a fundamental role in the economic reactivation process of countries, and Costa Rica is no exception. According to the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICIT, 2020) in Costa Rica, around 17% percent of business owners are women, and only 35% of the women are focused on technology and engineering. A percentage that represents leaders, mothers, students, homemakers, wives, and entrepreneurs. Extraordinary Women overall.

Women all over the country dream about being entrepreneurs by using their skills and putting them into action.

For this reason, to promote and encourage the participation of women in STEM-focused entrepreneurship areas, on August 20 we participated in Constelar, an event that aims to create a national network and the first program in Costa Rica for the incubation of STEM entrepreneurship of women in this sector.

Constelar can be defined as the formation of a group of stars to channel a solution. It is a constellation joined by Forum Desai, CEO of Mismo. From this initiative, Mismo intends to empower women in the area, in the countries where we are located. In the case of Costa Rica, there are social and gender gaps that affect women’s opportunities to undertake in these industries.

Opening a space for female participation to support them in entrepreneurship is essential to evolve as a Latin American country and region. Women want to participate and are capable of, but need financing, advice, and the opening of these types of spaces to support women.

“The only way in which we can truly bring about this change is by making sure that women are equally represented in STEM. I think that a male brain is wired differently than a woman’s brain. Not better or worse – just different. Women tend to approach and solve problems differently than Men, and Men and Women have different strengths and weaknesses as entrepreneurs and leaders. Today’s entrepreneurs solve some really hard problems – and if we’re not equally harnessing the collective brainpower of all the brilliant male and female brains in STEM, we’re missing out on a lot. I truly believe that some of the big problems we’re facing as a society today – like the energy crisis, disease, and hunger, would be solved a lot more efficiently if the brains that are working on the solutions are as ‘diverse’ as the problems themselves. – Forum Desai.

Mismo is committed to closing the gender gap, and we reaffirm our commitment to women and entrepreneurship. To achieve this, Mismo keeps working in a social responsibility program that considers participation and support in these types of initiatives. The economic reconstruction that Costa Rica requires needs this boost from women entrepreneurs in STEM.

“Remember, as an entrepreneur in STEM, you will meet people who doubt your ability at every step, and will try to convince you that your idea is not likely to succeed. I’ve been there. It’s not easy the first time – and it doesn’t get easier with time. Whenever you feel like you’re hitting a wall – change your direction, jump over a wall, or break the wall – but figure out a way to keep going. Fight till the end, and do not give up! ” – Forum Desai.

 – “Nana korobi, ya oki” -“If you fall seven times, get up eight”
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