Costa Rica solidifies its position as a talent hub in Latin America and international investments

  • Mismo, the software consulting company, proudly celebrates its thirteenth anniversary in the market which is mostly based in Costa Rica. For more than a decade, this company has been a crucial bridge between Latin American talent and Silicon Valley start-ups, fostering successful collaborations and growth opportunities in the technology industry.

San Jose (Costa Rica), July 2023. Costa Rica, a prominent technological hub in Latin America, has played a fundamental role in connecting American companies with Latin American talent. With its focus on educating and training highly skilled software engineers, the Central American country has consolidated its reputation as a center of excellence in technological development. Additionally, proficiency in English and knowledge of the latest technology trends have enhanced the competitiveness of Costa Rican professionals in the global market.

It’s for these very reasons that Mismo, an American software consulting company, chose to establish its main base of operations here 13 years ago. In doing so, the company has not only provided employment opportunities to talented Costa Ricans but has also strengthened various aspects of the country, fostering economic growth, improving employment rates, and promoting the continuous professional development of software developers in the heart of Silicon Valley unicorns.

Mismo, with its successful performance in Costa Rica, has extended its mission to other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and many more. These destinations have become key points for the search and development of technology talent, thanks to the company. Through hiring across the region, Mismo has established a solid network that allows emerging companies to harness the potential of Latin America by integrating workers from different cities across the continent. The multicultural nature of these teams is crucial, as it encourages diversity of ideas, approaches, and perspectives, thus driving innovation and business growth.

“At Mismo, we take pride in our role as catalysts for growth and collaboration in the Latin American technology industry. Our presence in Costa Rica and our expansion throughout Latin America have showcased the immense potential and talent in this region,” says Forum Desai, CEO of the company.

She adds, “We will continue to seek new opportunities to connect Latin American professionals with leading global companies. We are committed to driving skill development, promoting innovation, and being a trusted bridge between talent and opportunities in the technology field. Together, we will build a future of success and progress for Latin America.”

On its thirteenth anniversary, Mismo reaffirms its commitment to continue fostering growth and collaboration in the Latin American technology industry. The company will keep seeking new opportunities to connect talented professionals from the region with Silicon Valley’s leading companies and beyond, offering various benefits such as salaries in dollars combined with financial stability. They also provide a healthy work-life balance, professional development programs, payment for internet connection, and home office setup.

Furthermore, Mismo will continue to attract an increasing number of clients looking to leverage the benefits offered by multicultural teams and remote work. These benefits include fast and efficient hiring, enabling companies to quickly adapt to market demands and ensure diverse perspectives in their projects.

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