How to earn in Dollars and spend in Colones: A new reality for Costa Rican professionals

San José (Costa Rica), October 2023. In a world where interconnection and digital revolution converge, Costa Rican talent finds itself in an enviable position to seize the opportunities of remote work. This scenario not only opens the door to earning in dollars but also brings a series of benefits that are transforming how Costa Rican professionals approach their careers. Competition has never been so intense as the consolidation of remote work and global labor globalization have created an ideal environment for many Costa Ricans to realize their dream: earning in dollars and living in colones.

The fluctuation of the local currency against the US dollar has made dollar-based salaries an attractive option for professionals from San José, Heredia, Alajuela, Cartago, Atenas, and even small municipalities, as long as they have internet access. Opting to work remotely can offer different financial benefits such as economic stability, investment capacity, significant savings, and a higher global return on investment. Additionally, adopting this remote work approach can lead to savings related to transportation and work attire, contributing to stronger financial management.

“The phenomenon of the work revolution has led to the demolition of geographical barriers in the search for talent worldwide. This has generated a growing demand for Costa Rican employment abroad, a trend that has experienced significant growth in recent years,” states Diego Gamboa, Chief Technology Officer of Mismo Software Consulting, regarding this trend in the labor market. It reflects the quality and versatility of Latin American talent, specifically from Costa Rica, in the academic and technological fields.

To access these job opportunities in the global market, the requirements are clear. A minimum of B2-level English proficiency, as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), is required to ensure effective communication in international environments. Additionally, expertise and experience in fields such as web interface design, software development, and data analysis are valued. Soft skills, like adaptability to different cultures and work environments, the ability to work autonomously and manage time, a willingness to acquire new knowledge, and the skill to stay motivated and productive without direct supervision, are essential in this highly competitive setting.

In Costa Rica, remote employees in information technology areas, such as web development, design, and quality assurance, have the potential to earn substantial incomes in dollars. Earnings can vary based on experience, academic qualifications, and specific skills. Working directly with US-based companies, some experienced professionals with specialized knowledge can earn up to three times what they could earn in colones. This is due to the considerably stronger value of the US dollar compared to the local currency. This situation represents a unique opportunity in the current economic landscape.

“At Mismo, we offer exciting opportunities for Costa Rican Software Engineers who wish to work remotely for American companies. We have various job openings that professionals can access from the comfort of their homes. We are committed to connecting local talent with Silicon Valley startups and fostering mutual growth in the competitive field of technology,” adds the executive.

Thus, the opportunities for Costa Rican professionals to earn in dollars and spend in colones are real and constantly growing. With the right combination of technical skills, experience, and English proficiency, professionals can make the most of this global trend and improve their financial prospects while contributing to the international job market. Those interested in applying for these opportunities can do so at

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