Latin American Software Developer Salaries and How to Make More 

In the last decade, salaries in the tech industry have grown substantially, and continue to be among the most rapidly growing of any other existing industry. But, for software developers working in Latin America, the average salary is anywhere from $1,166 to $3,440 per month depending on exact geography and experience level. When comparing these salaries to what software developers in the United States are making, we see a lot of opportunity. This is where Mismo comes in. We provide software engineer and software developer positions based in Latin America, but in partnership with companies in the world’s largest tech hubs, helping you earn a higher salary. In fact, Software Engineers and Developers typically make at least 20% more with Mismo than with their previous job. 

In light of the pandemic, remote teams and remote work have become more widely accepted. American tech companies are looking for engineering and development talent in their time zones, but are increasingly more comfortable with that being a remote position in order to find quality, top tier talent. When you join the Mismo platform, you gain access to these companies looking to fill roles like a remote full stack engineer but who will also pay American salaries no matter where you work. 

Here’s why: According to Accelerance, outsourcing is the most viable option to meet the increased demand for software development to ensure projects can be completed on time and to a high standard. Additionally, outsourcing is an effective strategy that gives access to a global talent pool, such as the one we are able to provide at Mismo. The COVID-19 crisis also helped companies realize that they do not require office space in high-cost locations to work effectively, thus presenting the opportunity to enhance their outsourcing strategy and better control expenses. 

In turn, the rates at which companies are willing to pay to outsource work is typically higher than the majority of software developer salaries in Latin America. A lead developer in Latin America could earn $5,040-$12,600 per month based on level and years of experience, skills and certifications, whereas a senior developer could earn $5,760-$6,500 per month with the same founding criteria. However in the United States, these rates range from $8,500-$11,700 and $14,040 – $22,500 respectively. The chart below will give you a wider range of roles to look at with rates shown hourly. 

remote work rate range
Credit: Accelerance

Now, compare these rates to Central America. According to Salary Expert, a software engineer would earn, on average, $1,166 per month in Guatemala, $2,613 per month in Costa Rica and $3,440 per month in Panama. Annually, even a senior level software engineer is only earning about $68,000 a year. However in the United States, the same role earns almost double that, according to ZipRecruiter, with the national average at $119,651. 

Outsourcing rates are typically much higher than hourly rates paid by Latin American firms. Here is a full look at hourly rates based on skills and qualifications.

software engineer hourly rate
Credit: Accelerance

Mismo pairs the most innovative tech companies with qualified talent in Latin America. When you sign up for the Mismo platform, you put yourself in a position to be matched with companies like Magoosh, AngelList, and Revinate, but which also fit your goals and vision based on what you outline in your profile search criteria. We then coordinate the hiring process to make sure it is the right fit not just for the company, but for you as well. 

With Mismo, we want you here long term. You will no longer be scrambling to find project work, nor will you be limited by the work of one company. More importantly you will get the higher salary you deserve along with long-term employment and full benefits. We will be with you every step of the way; from streamlining the interview and contracting process all the way through onboarding. We are committed to continuously creating a space for developers to work directly for top companies, all while earning a salary they deserve, providing long-term employment, career advancement, a stable infrastructure and providing continuous healthcare benefits. 

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