Mismo’s innovative 3-Dimensional Resume

When you apply for jobs, your work experience, soft and hard skills are essential to show potential. For Mismo, it is crucial to evaluate your experience and get to know your technical and social skills.

The CV’s are usually the very first impression that an employer gets of a candidate.  The average hiring process is 42 days long, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM.) One of the reasons why recruitment processes last too long is that recruiters want to verify too many skills, but thanks to the Mismo platform, we can shortcut our best candidates through the 3D resume application.

Experience: The first dimension – Showcase your experience

This is the traditional part of the resume, where the candidates can present their skills, work history and experience. The resume needs to make the candidate stand out from the crowd and showcase the years of experience is vital.

Relevant elements for the resume are the descriptions of past jobs, volunteer work, projects, and educational qualifications. It should be clear and concise yet descriptive. It’s also important to structure your resume strategically, you showcase the qualifications that are most relevant to the job you’re seeking.

Soft skills: The second dimension – Video to demonstrate communication skills 

The candidates can display their personalities and demonstrate their creativity, passion, and drive through a video. It could also make them stand out in the competitive application process. It’s hard to showcase your personality just in a written CV. Instead, the video lets you make a better impact. In this part, the candidate can physically demonstrate skills such as public speaking and communication. The reviewer will read the body language and have a more accurate image of the candidates to evaluate if they fit the role appropriately. Each position has its own personality and like in every relationship, we need to make sure we are making the perfect match.

The video also adds credibility to the profile because it makes the skills more personal. It will also show its full potential, and this is a way to engage with the recruiter. Being able to see enthusiasm and most importantly, your personality, is very important for any role.

Hard skills: The third dimension – Tech skills assessment 

Skill testing gives Mismo a competitive advantage. Candidates hired on merit rather than the background tend to stay longer and perform better over the long term. We use these assessments to filter out unqualified candidates early in the recruiting process and to improve hiring outcomes by identifying developers who can demonstrate that they have the skills required for the position.

Our skills tests ask a variety of questions in different formats to see how candidates perform on-the-job tasks. The questions are specifically related to the responsibilities of each position. This is a way to visualize the acquired knowledge, skills, and experience. In Mismo, the candidate can select the test that best fits their abilities to show their best.

A document is not enough to highlight your personality, explain what you’re passionate about, why you’re perfect for a position, or tell relevant anecdotes or experiences. By applying only with your resume, you’re missing out the opportunity to introduce the real “you” to our recruiters. That’s why at Mismo, we offer a 3D platform application where we get to know the candidates more closely and in a more profound way to make the best match!

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