Recognized Silicon Valley Technology Transnational Appoints Costa Rican as its first Chief Technology Officer

In recent years, technology-centric companies have witnessed tremendous growth – and Mismo is no exception. For this reason, the company opened a new managerial position and Costa Rican Diego Gamboa, who has been working at Mismo for 10 years, was named Chief Technology Officer (CTO), with the goal of opening new technology business opportunities to the benefit of Mismo engineers and Latin American engineers, generally.

As a sign of these new opportunities, the new CTO commented that Mismo has projected 100 new hires during 2022, for experts from Latin America. These new positions include other professional and technical areas that will respond to the demands of Mismo’s clients and continue to consolidate it as a strong and competitive company.

From a young age, Gamboa had a penchant for computer science, programming, and software development. Throughout his early academic career, Diego always looked to how he could learn more about these areas. He later attended a technical high school, where he chose to focus on computer networking and programming. Eventually, he graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica with an Honorable Mention and earned a master’s in Computer Science from the University of Costa Rica.

“My goal has always been to help the company, as well as the employees’ formative process. That’s the reason why I have always focused myself on developing products and processes with high quality standards, which allows the companies, and the employees to grow in an efficient  and structured way”, said Gamboa.

Diego Gamboa came to Mismo a decade ago as a software architect, through a series of common acquaintances who worked at the company and provided recommendations. As he learned about Mismo’s clients and underwent the company’s interview process, the new CTO intuited that the company would provide him with great opportunities for professional growth.

Due to the wide diversity of Mismo’s clientele, the company and its workers readily adapt to their clients’ needs and organizational structures. Because of this, Diego has already held different roles within Mismo, as a software architect, infrastructure architect, tech lead, senior engineering manager, and, since August 2021: Chief Technological Officer.

Mismo’s new CTO always strove to achieve his potential as an engineer – an action that led the company to trust him from the outset. “Since Diego began working at Mismo, I have seen the great potential he has as a professional and a person. He helped make me aware of the potential that there is among Costa Rican people,” stated Forum Desai, Mismo’s founder and CEO.

For anyone currently working in computer science, Gamboa says that they should look for opportunities that allow you to grow as a professional; don’t be afraid to propose new ideas, participate in discussions or get exposed to new technologies and challenges since that will allow you to define your career and strengthen your skills.

As the company’s first Chief Technological Officer, Diego will have a very important role within Mismo: He will be in charge of reviewing and proposing new opportunities within the company’s market, and then expanding Mismo into new horizons. “As the CTO, my purpose is to review and propose new opportunities in the countries where we already operate – Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic – and to expand into new markets,” said Gamboa.

Among Gamboa’s primary objectives for himself and for Mismo, he commented, “I want to transform this great company into an even stronger one, characterized by employees who share in our same objectives and values. I want to offer new and better opportunities to Latin American engineers who are already working at Mismo and to the ones that can join the company and grow together with us, providing an internationally recognized high quality service.”

Part of Diego’s new responsibilities as CTO can be divided into the following four high level categories:

  • Management: Direct people-related aspects in engineering, including recruiting, hiring, coaching, training, etc., and facilitate cross-department collaboration.
  • Tech Leadership: Develop, manage, and mentor direct staff; cultivate an inclusive, compliant, and highly skilled tech team; collaborate with teams, departments, and customers, where relevant, to guide and advise on technology; direct company and management processes; and serve as a master architect across product lines.
  • Marketing: Serve as the company’s public face of technology and support the marketing team in building a large and active company-wide community.
  • Culture: Encourage a good life/work balance; implement a performance evaluation and career development system; and align team members towards strong shared goals.

Also, the new CTO mission includes setting the long-term strategic course, articulating the necessary actions to maintain a good direction and respond to the needs of customers, through a competitive service based on the use of optimal technologies. The Costa Rican will also be that leader to coordinate with the other professionals working at Mismo and maintain the good relations with the clients, as well as to capture human talent to strengthen the employee’s and company’s abilities and aptitudes.

Mismo has an advantage when it comes to remote work, as they adapted to the practice before the COVID-19 pandemic began. While most companies were struggling to adapt to working from home, Mismo already considered it the norm, which enabled (and continues to enable) the company to dedicate resources that would otherwise be allocated to a transition process, to other processes that were beneficial to the company, thus creating an even greater future for Mismo and continuing with Mismo’s strategic expansion.

Diego wishes to convey his excitement and optimism to all those who currently work in the company or who aspire to do so in the future, thanks to the great growth that awaits Mismo, in the short-, medium-, and long-term.

Finally, the CTO recommends Mismo, as the company helps its employees strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. An example of this is seen in the company’s various programs and benefits, which include flexible hours, 100% remote work, high number of vacations, and more, to help their employees reach that professional-personal balance.

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