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This dream began 11 years ago when its founders, husband and wife – Jinal Jhaveri and Forum Desai, both Computer Engineers, decided to give up their comfortable jobs in the Silicon Valley and start their own venture. It was a bold and risky move, but from their early days, they had excellent results. In 2012 they opened their first US offices in the middle of the action in downtown San Francisco. The next year, they opened the Costa Rica office just across the street from the University of Costa Rica.

In the last 11 years, Mismo has worked remotely in 6 different countries. One of the most significant challenges in companies and remote work is creating an optimal and positive culture. However, this is not the case with Mismo. Since the beginning, it has strived to create an optimal work environment where trust, dialogue, and teamwork are present. Mismo has understood the value of its collaborators, clients, and community, which is why it is a family for many.

As Mismo grows every day; we want our people to grow with the company and the culture sustainably. We care about providing the best quality to our clients, but we need the best collaborators for this. In Mismo, we hire the highest quality talent, and we take care of retaining it; we are interested in them, their well-being, comfort, and happiness.

Such is the case of Pilar Del Valle, who has had the opportunity to work and study simultaneously. She appreciates that Mismo motivates and allows people to continue growing both professionally and personally. Right now, we are very proud because she is about to graduate from her master’s very soon.

Also, Mismo’s Senior Software Engineers Pablo and Christian appreciate the job stability that they found with Mismo over the years. They are delighted and proud to have the pleasure of working with clients and projects of great relevance and high quality. It has allowed them to learn from the latest in the technology industry.

Likewise, Fernanda Coto highlights that she has found the opportunity to practice all her leadership skills since she has directed projects on different occasions. By working with diverse clients, she has also improved her communication skills.

Today, it is a large family of 45 employees, with a presence in 6 countries and 100% growth of its team in the last year. They currently work passionately with more than 25 loyal clients.

For these and many other reasons, today, at Mismo we raise our glasses and toast for yesterday, for today, and for everything that comes, this is just the beginning. It is the bonds, trust, commitments, and people who have made it work, helped it grow, and, through these relationships, we are celebrating, continue to support it flourish for years to come.

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