From Log(N) to Mismo

Today we are pleased to share with you that we are saying goodbye to the Log(n) name and beginning a new chapter in our company’s story as we introduce ourselves as Mismo and coincidingly launch our new platform. A word that implies “Identical” or “Equal,” our new name and platform better aligns with our overall mission to provide our customers with established developers as fully-integrated team members and eliminate the hassle of administrative necessities such as recruiting, onboarding, compliance, infrastructure, payroll and procurement of equipment.

For small- and medium-sized technology companies, retaining and recruiting skilled software developers is one of the biggest challenges they face. In large technology hubs like San Francisco, New York, and Austin, companies that directly hire developers see turnover, on average, every eight months. By the time the employee is onboarded into the company process and culture, they are already seeking another opportunity or being approached with a higher offer, making it expensive to have top quality talent.

As startup founders ourselves, we know how tough it can be to find quality technical talent that will stay committed to your business for a long period of time. We also know that going through the hiring process can be costly and time-consuming. At Mismo, we have a full-service platform that enables you to hire, onboard and nurture your remote team. Our developers will be your full-time team members, but we’ll take care of all of the administrative work for you. From vetting candidates to contract negotiations and onboarding and procurement, Mismo is here, ready and willing to take away those stresses for you and we will do so as your partner, your equal.

How do we do it all? At Mismo, we have developed a state-of-the-art technology platform that allows us to not only be resourceful for our clients, but for our team members as well, and do so at scale. With this platform, thousands of developers are pre-vetted, through technical tests, communications tests, ability to work remotely, and other criteria related to their skills, and the world’s top companies are then matched with the right talent without the human resources hassle. With this platform, developers remain in a candidate pool so that as we help your team grow, we can fulfill its needs rapidly, yet effectively.

The name change is very important to us because we feel it better identifies with our goals as a company. Not only do we identify our success with yours, we also believe in amplifying the success of our team members. Our partnerships with our customers allow us to give developers opportunities to work on some of the most cutting-edge, advanced technological work in the world. When we eliminate some of the human resource stresses for our clients, we are also doing the same for our team members. No longer do they have to worry about the stresses of contract work, switching companies for better opportunities or the paperwork involved with new employment. Instead, they can continue to be a part of a tight-knit development team with a variety of opportunities on their horizon.

At Mismo, we all succeed equally. We stand out as a company because we fit in with yours. We are not just a temporary solution, rather we value the long-term partnerships that develop between us and our clients. As a premiere platform for tech talent, we truly believe that the rebranding and launch of our new platform will allow us to better serve our current and future customers.


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