How to Find a Remote Software Engineer

Due largely in part to the pandemic, more employers are realizing that remote work is here to stay. Working industry professionals are increasingly choosing to work from home when given the option, but finding the right remote worker can come with its own set of challenges.

There are many remote software engineer jobs available out in the wild, which can make it difficult to attract the proper talent you are looking for. The right remote software engineer is the difference between the overall success of your project or its failure to finish on time and on budget.

While not everyone is cut out for remote work, the software engineers that prefer this work environment tend to have a shared set of skills and traits that make them successful away from a typical office setting. They’ve chosen to work-from-home (WFH) or work-from-anywhere (WFA, if offered), for a variety of different reasons and should already know the nuances that come with it. There should be a deep understanding of what accountability means to your project by whoever you hire, but how can you ensure that?

The Option to Work Remotely is Extremely Valuable to Today’s Industry Professionals

Did you know that the average worker is willing to accept 8% less pay in exchange for the option to work from home? Professionals across the globe and across a variety of industries are beginning to assign a monetary value to the flexibility provided by a company’s work-from-home policy. In addition to this, by adding a work-from-anywhere policy, companies are beginning to grant employees even more autonomy by providing the option to choose their geographic location, thereby attracting a larger pool of qualified candidates.

The problem that companies run into when offering remote work, however, is often the way they define the position. Companies that don’t spend time making sure their new potential hires understand the remote position offered are often left wondering why they aren’t attracting the people they need for the job.

Remote software engineer jobs, which are fairly independent, are fully dependent on the employee knowing how to do their job well. Hiring the right remote employee depends solely on their perception of the position and the value they assign to your company.

  • How do you know if who you’ve hired can actually perform the duties of the job they’ve been hired for?
  • How can you attract people to your remote software engineering position?

Well, that’s where Mismo comes in.

The Power of Integrated, Remote Teams

Mismo was created out of this need. We’ve perfected the formula for remote hiring, and we’re here to share it with you. Finding and retaining skilled employees is the fourth largest challenge for companies looking for remote workers. On average, it takes upwards of six months to hire someone qualified for a startup project, with 23% of startups saying team issues were what ultimately lead to the failure of their projects. If your company of project is just starting out, your global connections are likely scarce, and local talent can be hard to come by. Mismo is the channel in which startups can get the word out about remote positions while ensuring that the people hired possess the right skills and talent.

Hiring the Right Remote Software Engineer for Your Project

In our experience, finding remote workers, specifically remote software engineers, was about creating a step-by-step process, a benefit to those searching for remote software jobs and to those offering them.

Mismo first defines and spends time to understand (in the greatest of detail), what your remote software engineering needs are. We create a job description for your remote software engineering position, ensuring responsibilities and accountabilities are clearly defined.

Hiring for your remote software engineering job will begin with initial questionnaires to all applicants that will test their knowledge and include a coding test to ensure their ability. Only after this process is completed will we conduct interviews to assure that we’ve selected the right person for your remote software engineering position. Not only will we ensure their capability in the beginning, but ongoing feedback and performance reviews will be required with remote engineers and account managers to ensure timelines and responsibilities are met.

Remote software engineers are looking for a company culture that they can commit to, but as a startup, it’s difficult to attract the right talent as you are still working to build that company culture yourself.

With Mismo, we’ve developed our remote culture and provide our remote employees the tools and opportunities they need to ensure their happiness and commitment to their roles. We put the right people on the project – projects they want to work on – and are highly skilled in the areas in which they can bring that project to successful completion.

Mismo takes care of the entire hiring process, so you can focus on the bigger picture. Learn more about how to find a remote software engineer for your project with Mismo and kickstart your project today.

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