MISMO: Synonymous with Quality and a Passion for Technology

  • More and more professionals now join the company in search of stable employment that recognizes quality of life.
  • The company is committed to hiring professionals throughout the various areas of engineering and its specializations, thus allowing Mismo to expand its client offerings.
  • In addition to employee hires, Mismo offers internships to advanced students, giving them a leg up as they launch their professional careers.

Mismo has established itself as an industry leader in the technological assistance sector. To provide their clients with 100% remote service and high technical quality, they have successfully attracted some of the best engineering talents in the region. 

At Mismo, employees have found the channels and tools they need to forge optimal growth, thus fostering work-life balance and leading to a better quality of life.  

Fabián Chacón, one of the first members of Mismo, says that keeping up with new information is one of the biggest challenges facing the areas of technology and engineering. “Mismo facilitates a spirit of learning by providing an educational budget. This motivates us all to continue learning, so we can keep up with the market,” commented Chacón, who has been working for the company for almost a decade and is proud of his professional career at Mismo.

Jimena Mora, who has been at Mismo for 18 months and currently holds the DevOps engineering position, comments on another benefit of working for the company: “Mismo has taught me the importance of knowing how to adapt quickly and adopt an attitude of seeing solutions instead of problems. In addition, it has taught me that it is essential to always be open to new things and to be willing to keep learning,” said the engineer who graduated from CENFOTEC, one of the best schools for Computer Engineering in the country. 

One of the most stand-out aspects of Mismo – and one that Carlos Gutiérrez, a 22-year-old intern, mentioned – is the fact that working for the company is synonymous with better use of time. He commented, “In my case, this is something that I highly value, as the time I save by working from home grants me a lot of peace of mind. I can take advantage of the time that remains in my day to do other activities that I enjoy.” 

For over 10 years, Mismo has worked to establish itself in the Americas as a company that positions and supports Latin American talent in the area of software engineering, always maintaining high-quality standards. This dynamic has created positive results for its employees, who consistently highlight the company’s balance between work and training as one of the main benefits.

Proper time management allows Mismo employees to personalize their schedules and learn new soft skills and technologies, which have become necessary to excel in the ever-changing tech industry. All these options are available through Mismo’s tuition reimbursement program. 

Staying up-to-date on global development trends also comes easy to Mismo teammates. The company, which is located in San Francisco, CA,  serves clients mostly situated in Silicon Valley, exposing its engineers to the best and most recent technologies on the market. Thanks to this, the learning process for Mismo employees and interns is even more enriching and helps maintain a highly competitive team. 

According to Mismo interns, this practice has eased the learning curve and made onboarding more favorable to those just beginning their professional lives. Furthermore, all Mismo teammates can rely on the CTO’s guidance and mentorship regarding questions or issues with their workflow or projects, during their stay at the company. 

Mismo, investing in the future of the Americas 

In addition, Mismo has established alliances with learning centers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, to offer advanced students the opportunity to put their knowledge to practice while developing their professional skills. 

Francisco González, a student who is currently interning at Mismo, highlights the very positive atmosphere at the company, by ensuring that “the company’s professional community is extremely pleasant. When you’re a part of Mismo, you feel truly comfortable, like you’re a part of a family.” 

In 2022, Mismo will continue to expand its opportunities, offering the potential to become a source of employment for high-quality professionals in the Latin American countries where it operates. The company’s goal is to always meet the high product quality standards that Mismo has provided for over ten years.

Mismo is more than an undertaking to recruit professionals from Latin America: It is a family where pride, passion, effort, teamwork, dedication, and the desire to improve come together to create unique and desirable work experiences.

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