Mismo, a software consulting company, shows us how to exercise and maintain an effective, 100% remote organizational culture.

  • Globally, close to 20% of companies consider themselves to be fully remote, according to the last Key Statistic report for Remote Work by Findstack.
  • Technology companies such as Mismo have established themselves in the market as a reference point in relation to their organizational culture.

San José, Costa Rica, March 28, 2022. The organizational culture transmits itself through experiences that are shared in a company by a group of people. Remote work has shown new challenges when establishing those experiences based on virtuality.

However, technology companies such as Mismo have been pioneers in offering remote job opportunities on the Costa Rican market for more than 10 years.

As a software consulting company established in San Francisco, California, Mismo began fully remote operations in the country and established its own organizational culture. This helped it to maintain itself as a reference remote employer a decade after.

Currently, tech giants such as Google or Microsoft have established themselves as models to follow in this very subject. This is partly due to its flexible, modern work policies, job benefits and incentives, and the sense of community between its coworkers.

Fabiana Salinas, the Mismo Regional HR Manager, commented that a large part of their success lies in a comprehensive business vision, where the human capital belonging to the company is taken into account, and the well-being of its employees is prioritized. “What makes a difference for us as a company is the fact that we treat each other like family. The full team, beginning with our CEO, strives to create a close environment where everybody feels that sense of openness to participate in provide their own point of view,” Salinas commented

With more than 70 employees located in 7 countries throughout Latin America, Mismo has learned to communicate its corporate values and messages through new digital platforms. It establishes alternative channels and takes advantage of the opportunities that are brought about by virtuality to provide support to its members in real time.

The following are some of the outstanding Mismo good practices:

Remote, but not Distant. At Mismo, establishing significant relationships that are maintained over time is a quality that is applied to both its clients as well as its employees and interns. In order to shrink the distance between the employer and the team members, establishing ties with people from the outset with their induction process is fundamental.  By means of customized details, internal events, and weekly recreational activities, the corporate atmosphere at Mismo reflects its members’ interests and needs.

This dynamic is also transferred to the company’s social media where the employees join in different dynamics and games to increase their interaction with the company values.

Horizontal Communication. From its outset, Mismo has reflected an innovative spirit in its clients. Part of this start-up vision is reflected in its horizontal communication structure. All the Mismo employees are allowed to ask questions or make comments at all levels in real time either within their own work team or at a management level. Feeling that closeness to the company owners is an added value that the employees recognize and appreciate.

“As an engineer, I am grateful for all the trust that Mismo has placed in us as professionals. There is major closeness with the owners in the full team” Fabián Chacón, the Engineering Lead at Mismo, commented.

In addition to management support, each employee at Mismo receives support from all the engineers in the company, whether they belong to their team or not, reinforcing the family structure idea throughout the company.

Staying constant when faced with change. When joining and working with its clients’ software engineering team, flexibility, and openness to change become major variables for the Mismo members. In an environment open to constant change, it is vital to provide stability to all the company members, introducing basic concepts that envelop the whole team regardless of the role or activity they perform, such as innovation, loyalty, and warmth. This includes elements that provide structure and new knowledge such as professional monthly development meetings and benefits such as the study reimbursement and training programs.

Clear Feedback Channels. Either through a survey on organizational climate, sent to all the members of the team every six months, or through more specific actions such as customized follow-up, 1:1 meetings with the team leaders and assessment sessions by Mismo, feedback has become a fundamental part of decision-making processes within Mismo. Based on this measurement, it is easier to develop and structure changes and benefits such as ongoing training in different languages, communication skills and leadership workshops, all in line with the members’ spirit.

Latin American approach. Although Forum Desai, the founder and current CEO at Mismo, devised the company to supply the need for software solutions that are scalable in the United States market, Mismo’s work teams have traveled all over Latin America, turning Mismo into a multicultural space. This reality has led the company to experience diverse changes to better tie into the culture and way of working in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay.

“Over a year ago, Mismo transformed its image and rethought its business mission to communicate and work more fluidly in the Latin American markets. Beginning with a pallet of warm colors through its fundamental values created around loyalty and innovation, its efforts have caused a regional team to feel as though they are part of the same family,” Salinas pointed out.

These changes reflect the fun and jovial nature of its members as well as their interest in innovating in a technological space. At Mismo we want our innovative, proactive spirit to be reflected in each project, in the day-to-day work, and in each employee. 

Technology as a bridge toward better working environments

It is no accident that the companies that are the closest to technology encourage an effective organizational culture among its employees because they have a business vision that requires a high level of cooperation and cohesion.

Likewise, this industry values social capital at its job sites since it is seeking to reduce turnover rates and increase sustainability in its operations over time. For Mismo, this translates into providing a balance between its employees’ work and life and, as a technology company, into constantly innovating to continue offering attractive benefits for its members.

As an engineer, businessperson, and mother, Forum Desai, the founder, and CEO of Mismo, was up to speed with the economic, technical, and personal challenges that were involved in establishing her organization as a technology company in the current market. Nevertheless, it was this very comprehensive approach that allowed Mismo to be consolidated under a more solidary vision where the importance of human capital is always held as a fundamental factor. “Opening offices in Costa Rica was one of the best decisions that I have made for my company and up to this point I am surprised by the talent, work ethics, and attitude of our employees,” the founder commented.

Although Mismo is a software consulting company, its bases and culture are founded strongly on universal values that seek to expand a focus on family, teamwork, and innovation through its messages.

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