Getting Your Foot in the Door: Remote Software Engineering Jobs

For software engineers trying to find remote roles, it’s really more about finding the right company and culture fit for their skillset, rather than the actual work itself. As many remote software engineers know, when you’re applying for remote software engineering jobs, you’re competing against the entire country (sometimes multiple countries) vs. solely the local talent in the surrounding areas of the position to which you are applying.

As working from home continues to gain popularity and more and more companies are warming up to the idea of letting their employees set their own hours and work from anywhere, more people in turn are choosing to opt out of the office. Not only does this result in quite a bit of competition for remote software engineering jobs, but it also means you’ll be in the pool with other candidates that may have more experience landing remote jobs than you do – so how do you get your foot in the door?

Landing Your Dream Job, Remotely

As dedicated as you are to finding the right remote software engineering gig, so are the companies offering those positions, but they’re looking for the right people. Essentially, it’s a two way street.

Finding the Right Company

Just because competition for remote software engineering jobs can be high, doesn’t mean you can’t be picky. Studies have shown that employees are more productive and efficient from the comfort of their own home, but they likely miss out on the interaction with their co-workers, so a strong culture at a company is key, especially if it’s offering remote work. If you’re looking for remote engineering jobs, it’s important to do your research about the company, read reviews, and to ensure what they do is a right fit for you and that you believe in their mission. You want to be happy at work, so look for remote software engineering jobs that can help you achieve that. Just because you’re working remotely, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to like who you work for or the work that they do. The interviewing process is just as much of an interview for your potential new employer as it is for you. You don’t need to settle!

Self-Motivators Have the Most Success

Most remote software engineers are motivated to work hard and complete their tasks to maintain the flexibility and trust they’ve built up by proving they can still efficiently get the job done while not being in the office. Remote work eliminates conflicts such as working around family needs or appointments, it offers location independence, and gives employees the opportunity to work during their most productive hours of the day. Remote work even gives employees the opportunity to pursue their passions and professional development on their schedule so they can further their skills and move up in the company. It’s really quite lovely!

With all of these perks, remote work does come with a certain sense of responsibility, commitment, and dedication. If you’re able to effectively self-motivate, you’ll have the most success not only in landing the right remote software engineering position, but in continuing to develop professionally in your chosen role and throughout the company as a whole.

Stay Focused While Job Searching

Getting your foot in the door when it comes to remote engineering jobs starts with a strong portfolio of your skills and a great resume, but ultimately, it really takes a persistent attitude. Due to the nature of the work, applying for remote software engineering jobs can result in a lot of radio silence, especially if you’re casing a wider net when you’re applying for them (as you should). Sometimes companies just can’t respond to all the applications, other times, your application may have just fallen through the cracks. Either way, stay positive and stay determined. Did you really want that job but you haven’t heard back? Submit your application again! Hit the job boards.

Or… you could work with Mismo.

Remote Software Engineering Jobs With Mismo

Remote work isn’t going anywhere (at least anytime soon), and we love that. We actually spearheaded an integrated remote working environment that promotes the work from anywhere mentality while offering flexibility and trust to out remote developers, because we know they can get the job done. We work hard to ensure our culture is healthy and that we can still maintain it even though we’re located in different parts of the world. We meet up when we can, we support each other, and we’re all big fans of the remote work lifestyle.

Signing up to be a part of the Mismo Platform offers you the same opportunities, if not more, to work on projects you actually want to work on. It’s like we’re casting that wide net of applications for you.

The Mismo Platform offers our remote software engineers jobs that match their skills, interests and experience. Not only do we streamline the interview and contracting process, but the platform gives remote software engineers a chance to work directly for top companies in the US long term, no matter where in the world they are working from. The Mismo Platform offers our team a stable infrastructure, generous benefits, higher salaries, and a timely paycheck. Plus? We help you with your professional development. You want to learn a new skill? We can help. You want to grow your existing skills? You bet. Just ask.

We help companies around the world get their projects off the ground with our integrated remote team structure. We have the best of the best when it comes to remote software engineers and go through a tested step-by-step process to ensure team members are being paired with the right people, companies, and work.

If you want to work for today’s top tech companies, join the Mismo Platform and start getting offers for the jobs you actually want.

Learn more about Mismo.

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