What to Expect From a Remote Software Engineer

What You Can Expect From a Remote Software Engineer

Whether you’re a full-stack remote software engineer or offering a position for one, understanding how remote workers tick is the key to ensuring the success of your project. For engineers, it’s all about finding a company that reflects their values. For companies, it’s about finding the right candidate for their endeavor; someone they can trust. This is especially important when it comes to development teams, as their skills are pinnacle to the process as a whole. The work they do on projects does much of the heavy lifting to get startups off the ground and is an integral piece of bringing large ideas to life.

Remote software engineering jobs are quite different from working on programming projects in the office. While each environment brings with it its own set of challenges, remote work is steadily becoming more accepted, more widespread, and continues to offer more opportunities to workers and companies alike. When given the chance, many software engineers actually prefer to work remotely due to the flexibility it offers.

Knowing what to expect when it comes to hiring a remote software engineer, from their work habits to their communication styles, is the first step to ensuring you are attracting the right person for the job (and candidates are finding the right fit for themselves, too). Candidates are just as picky as companies, and they should be. Having a passion for what you’re doing changes the way you approach projects, plain and simple. So, how do you land the perfect remote software engineering job or attract the perfect candidate for one?

A Day in the Life of a Remote Software Engineer

Make sure you’re both speaking the same language. The remote working environment is typically based on a delicate mix of ‘asynchronous communication,’ meaning when you send a message to someone, you’re not expecting an immediate response, and ‘synchronous communication,’ meaning messages are being exchanged in real-time. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure you are working with someone that knows what they’re doing. Expectations should be set from the start and both the company and the remote software engineering job description should be clear on what needs to be done on a daily basis, as well as having a clear understanding of preferred communication styles.

As a remote software engineer, their job is to use different programming language and softwares, like Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and more to develop code for your company’s project. Simple, right? Not exactly. As a developer, they have quite a few plates spinning at any given moment, so it’s important when you’re hiring for a remote developer position that the person you’re hiring knows they’ll be juggling multiple bugs, questions, emails, and communications throughout their day. Similarly, it’s important to understand and empathize with their hectic schedules as well and offer an environment that helps them not only get their work done, but thrive at it.

Remote software engineers create new applications by integrating software with an existing system or will spend their days testing existing code to iron out bugs. Most companies hiring for this role has specific goals for projects in mind, and it’s extremely important that the person you hire is not only adept at helping you reach those goals but is ready to help you bring them to live in just the way you imagined it, in the most effective way possible.

Most remote software engineers will be familiar with other programming languages as well and tend to leverage their programming skills using Django, JavaScript, database architecture, and much more. They know what it takes to get a project done, but they’re only as successful as the direction you give them. They can’t read minds, and they shouldn’t have to!

Embracing the Remote Work Movement

With a wider range of candidates, and a wider range of open, remote positions, the playpen is expansive. While this is extremely exciting, it can also be somewhat discouraging. Knowing there can be over 1,500 candidates for a position is not only a daunting task for the hiring manager but a somewhat of a disheartening realization for the candidate, too. There are many benefits to working remotely, but it’s not for everyone and the transition from an office environment to remote work doesn’t need to be painful. You just have to know what to expect and what’s expected of you. That’s something we here at Mismo know quite a bit about.

Mismo embraced the remote work movement too, while subsequently developing a process to ensure its ultimate success, with as few ‘bugs’ as possible. There is real power in integrated, remote teams that know how to communicate. Especially when you can get people to join your project outside of your local pool who are experts in their field, like a remote software engineer for example.

We hire the best of the best so you don’t have to. And as a candidate, we give you the tools to succeed, too. From skillshares to helpful tests and assessments, we help you build on your already polished tools in your toolkit. Our remote software engineering positions are open to any and all who feel like they have the skills to apply. You don’t just work on something here, you become a part of something.

How to Find the Right Remote Software Engineer for Your Project

To attract the best, you have to show them the best. Finding the right remote software engineer, or any software engineer for that matter, can be tricky, but that’s where we come in.

Hiring for your remote software engineering job will kick off with an initial questionnaire to all applicants have finished up their assessments, we conduct interviews to make sure we’re selecting the exact right person for the remote software engineering position. You can rest assured that team members working on your project are given ongoing feedback, performance reviews, and are required to work directly with account managers to ensure timelines are being followed.

Remote work doesn’t have to be complicated. People are looking for a job they love with the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. It really is the dream, and we offer that. We also help companies find the right people, remotely, to get the job done. We love our team and work hard to ensure a healthy culture that promotes learning and growth, offering them work that inspires and empowers them in their roles and on their projects as a whole.

Learn more about how to hire a remote software engineer and what Mismo can do to help get your project off the ground.


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