Conquer the American Dream: How to Apply for Jobs in the U.S. from Colombia

Bogotá (Colombia), november 2023. In a globally connected environment, the idea of “chasing the American dream” has deeply resonated in Colombian culture. This aspiration represents boundless opportunities and a promising future in the United States, and now, with the ease of technology, it can be achieved without the need to emigrate.

Finding employment in Colombia can pose a significant challenge, which may explain why so many people have embraced the “American dream.” In the local job market, characterized by intense competition and a scarcity of opportunities in certain areas, many professionals encounter limitations such as a saturated pool of candidates for specific careers or positions, the prevalence of informal jobs, a lack of continuous training, among others.

In this context, job opportunities abroad become irresistibly attractive, especially those coming from the United States. Given the interest in working in this global powerhouse, the idea of crossing borders in search of a promising career has become a fascinating option for many individuals.

International job offers bring numerous benefits, particularly in the context of remote work. These positions offer significant flexibility by eliminating, for example, commute times; expanding the professional network internationally; improving mental health by providing a balance between work and personal life, etc. Likewise, the opportunity to earn income in dollars opens up new financial prospects, such as the possibility of accessing a wide variety of investment alternatives and savings in other markets, which can enhance wealth growth options. Additionally, professionals have the advantage of accessing cutting-edge technology, specializing in the latest trends, and collaborating with highly skilled professionals and different cultures, further enriching their development and growth in the workplace.

Preparation is essential to successfully apply for positions abroad. Since most of these opportunities require effective communication in English, speaking this language is crucial, at least at a B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Additionally, having solid technical knowledge and soft skills, such as the ability to work in a team, is necessary to stand out in a highly competitive environment.

“The constant desire to learn and continuously upskill is fundamental to shine in the job market. In North America, Colombian professionals are highly valued, but to excel in these spaces, it is necessary to maintain a high commitment to personal and professional growth,” says Diego Gamboa, Chief Technology Officer of the software consultancy Mismo, a company that remotely connects Latin American talent with opportunities in Silicon Valley and currently has available vacancies.

The set of skills and continuous training mentioned by the executive are particularly relevant in high-growth industries such as Engineering and Software Development. These fields provide exciting and well-compensated opportunities for those seeking to build an international career without leaving home.

“Our vision at Mismo is to empower Colombian professionals not only to seek employment abroad but to conquer it with excellence and determination, thanks to the momentum and support we provide to the professional trajectories of each of our employees through the educational and professional growth programs we offer,” adds Gamboa.

For those aspiring to work in such areas, building a solid network of contacts in the desired industry is crucial. Platforms like LinkedIn become valuable allies for establishing connections that can open doors to job opportunities. Similarly, companies like Mismo can provide vacancies, guidance, and support in this process.

As the individual strengthens their network and establishes valuable connections, they will be in an ideal position to prepare an effective application. To stand out in the competition, it is vital to create an impactful English resume and cover letter. The CV should highlight technical skills, relevant achievements, and specific experience related to the applied position.

Ensure that the resume is personalized and reflects your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Similarly, emphasize how your skills and background can bring unique value to the company, not only in the professional environment but also in the dynamics of working with colleagues.

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